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"...Hemp CBD products showing a 53% Annual Growth Rate " ---- Daily Telescope 30 Jan 2018

"The CBD oil market is one of the fastest growing...with the total number of customers approximately doubling during 2017 " --TG Daily 29 Jan 2018

"According New Frontier Data, the legal hemp and CBD market was valued at an estimated $7.2 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $24 billion by 2025...North America is one of the fastest growth regions for the hemp market...We estimate the hemp industry

will grow to $1.8 billion in sales by 2020, led by hemp food, body care, and CBD-based products. The data demonstrates the hemp industry is growing quickly at 22% five year CAGR and being led by food and body care

products, with Hemp CBD products showing a 53% AGR." ---- Daily Telescope 30 Jan 2018

CBD Beauty and Skin care Products also Avail.

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